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Ranger Command Power Hour #6

A new episode of @RangerCommandPH is up! Ep. 6 - “Ranger Morphin’ Madhouse” with special guest @rankal of @TokuNation

Join us for “Ranger Morphin’ Madhouse” with special #RangerNation co-host Chris aka @rankal aka Kickback, owner of and host of the @TalkinToku podcast!

We respond to Jason David Frank’s (also known as Tommy) reactions this week in regards to Morphin’ Madness, talk about Ranger celebrities and our experiences in the fandom.

Toy Hauls January-March #flipagram made with @flipagram
♫ Music: Power Rangers & Noam Kaniel - Power Rangers Samurai Theme (MMPR Opening Instrumental 3 Min. Remix 2012)

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